Thursday, July 26, 2007

Five Times Fast

Five Times Fast Times Fast

Cape Town Table Top Cable Car Tourist Trap
The thirsty nurse reversed the burst person’s dispersion.
The earthly mirth of my girth first cursed the perfect purse of my inert self-worth.
Yogh! Eee wrote doting notes, emoting mostly loathing for proper boating clothing.
Rose, don’t stow my clothes; suppose we re-pose as I doze?
Alter rain with your all-terrain tires; from mire, the altar is stained.

(Kaap Staad รก soir.)

Monday, July 23, 2007

Simple Thoughts

The body is a temporary temple;
Inhabited by - infused with - an in-visibly acting spirit,
Manifested in the mind.
Slave to body.

Sit somewhere in between.

The body is an instrument;
meaning-fully manipulated by some mind-spirit
- self or not - constantly re-defined in the moment of choice.
Suffer from destiny; karma accrued.

Now then; choose again.